1:144 Ilyushin IL-76 MD Heavy Transporte 500787011

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Art.Nr.: 500787011 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:144 Ilyushin IL-76 MD Heavy Transporte Length 324 mm Wingspan 350 mm New tooling Decals for 3 Russian planes Ultimate kit quality with - Rear cargo door open or closed - Wing flaps in 2 positions (flight/landing) - Some cabin and cargo bay interior details The IL-76MD military transport aircraft was developed on the basis of the IL-76M and designed for air drop or transportation of personnel (including injured people), military equipment (including medium tanks), delivery of time cargo (up to 48 tons) over a range of 3,800 km. The IL-76MD first flew on March 6, 1981 and entered service in June of 1984. The aircraft can be operated from the airfields with either concrete or unpaved runways. IL-76MD carried out missions in Afghanistan, where it repeatedly confirmed its high flight performance and reliability in combat situations.

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