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Art.Nr.: 300035331 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Jap. Panzer Type 1 mit 6 Figuren The Type 1 Self-Propelled Gun was produced from 1943, and around 140 were manufactured. Due to severe damage suffered during their transportation to the front line in the Phillipines, a large number of Type 1s never actually made it into battle, but those that did are said to have been rated highly by the opposing U.S. forces. About the Item • 1/35 scale plastic assembly kit model. • Length: 173 cm, Width: 67 cm. • This item features Item 35095 Japan Type 1 Self-Propelled Gun and Item 35090 Japanese Infantry Set. • The roofless fighting compartment and 75mm field gun are recreated in excellent detail. • In addition to gunner and loader figures from Item 35095, 4 soldier figures from Item 35090 are included. • Accessories such as armor-piercing and howitzer rounds are also reproduced in scale form. • Features belt-type tracks. • Includes insignia decals for figures. • Comes in a new packaging.

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