1:35 WWII Brit.Mtl.Pz. M3 Grant Mk.I (1)

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Art.Nr.: 300035041Art.bezeichnung: 1:35 WWII Brit.Mtl.Pz. M3 Grant Mk.ITamiya is pleased to announce the re-release of this model, which first joined the Military Miniature Series lineup back in 1974. The kit depicts the M-3 Grant Mk.I, a British variant of the U.S. medium tank M3 Lee. The M3 Lee had been provided by the U.S. after a large portion of British armor was lost to the Germans in the midst of the Dunkirk evacuations. While M3 Grants featured no alterations to the hull and sponson-mounted 75mm main gun, the British variant had a larger turret for the 37mm gun, and did not feature a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun.The M3 had been designed with priority given to speed of delivery to waiting troops; thus, it possessed some limitations such as the restricted horizontal movement of the main gun and a tall silhouette that was easy for opposing forces to spot. However, it proved a welcome addition for the tank-poor British forces in North Africa, where it helped to turn around a dire situation, knocking out opposing Panzer III and IVs one at a time.About the Model? This is a 1/35 scale model assembly kit. Length: 170mm.? The distinctive form of the M3 Grant with British spec turret is accurately captured.? Riveted armor panels surfaces are depicted.? Features moving recreations of the 75mm and 37mm guns.? The model can be assembled with hatches in open or closed position.? 2 marking options are included, depicting units from Battle of El Alamein and Battle of Gazala.? Comes with a figure in realistic pose.

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